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InfoPro Investigations has been recommended and trusted by clients for over 20 years. We are one of the highest reviewed private investigative agencies in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The below client reviews are a few of the hundreds of cases where we have given our clients the information they need to make difficult personal and professional decisions.

Client Reviews….

I found myself in need of a private investigator and was given the name of InfoPro Investigations. I contacted them by phone and received a quick response. It was a difficult case and InfoPro was determined to get the information I needed. When the case unexpectedly moved from one state to another, within hours InfoPro Investigations was able to have someone in the new area and get the information I needed. I felt like they truly were dedicated to my case and they were always there when I needed to talk to them. I only dealt with InfoPro Investigations over the phone and email, but if I ever needed a private investigator again, they would be my first phone call. 

-Sue, 6/07/19-

Thank you for finding our son. Mike and I had lunch with him recently. It was day one of being a family again. We thank you for making that happen.

-Kara, 11/18/19-

When a close family member had stopped all communication with our family, we hired InfoPro Investigations on the advice of a friend. We were beyond worried and this agency responded in record time (within hours) and was always professional. Their integrity was beyond reproach. We felt they were truly invested in our case and went the extra mile to ease our worries. We highly recommend this agency if you have a need for a private investigator. We will never hesitate to use them.

-Sarah, 10/29/18-

You were a tremendous encouragement to me at a very difficult time. 

-Darcy, 11/13/18-

InfoPro Investigations helped me during a difficult time in my marriage. They were professional and discreet. The information they provided helped me to move on with my life. I needed to find the truth.

-Ron, 1/10/16-

Yesterday my wife and her birth mother had a reunion after 66 years. Your lead made it all possible. We are so happy that we found you.

-Rick, 1/9/17-

Today I got a court order for legal and physical custody of my son. Thank you for your help!!

-Lisa, 7/10/17-

My experience with InfoPro was incredibly positive. The professionalism was definitely Five Star!! I would recommend this service to anyone needing assistance with finding out the facts. Although the answers I received were painful I at least had the truth. Through the entire process I was treated with empathy and respect that made the ordeal a bit less painful. The results made the next steps clear to identify. THANK YOU to InfoPro for their help!!

-Susan, 11/12/15-

InfoPro Investigations dealt quickly and efficiently with an issue that I thought was nearly impossible. They were professional and tactful. I would use their services again if ever necessary.

-Deanna, 3/20/16-

Thank you for these pictures and your hard work. It has made my direction in life MUCH clearer.

-Jessica, 3/20/16-

InfoPro Investigations not only got to the bottom of what was the truth but with their depth of knowledge in the business they were able to share with me different scenarios of what I could expect or what was common in this type of situation. Not only do they have an exceptional knowledge of the business but they are just great people. They encouraged me on what needed to be done, helped me see things clearly and were available 24/7. I would without hesitation refer InfoPro Investigations to anyone looking for a private investigator, they are absolutely the best!

-Peggy, 03/20/16-

I had an absolutely amazing experience with InfoPro Investigations. I tried everything to get the information I needed by myself and thought that it was hopeless. When I contacted Bill, he was responsive and understanding. He was able to get the information and help me resolve my situation. I know that without him, I would have never gotten the answers I needed. I highly recommend InfoPro Investigations.

-Natasha, 1/25/16-

You are the best!! Super happy to have you on our legal team!!

-Kellie, 8/24/18-

You do good work. The other corporate trustees are as pleased as am I. Thank you.

-Marcy, 8/18/18-

When my family was lost without any answers as to the whereabouts of my missing sister InfoPro Investigations was there for us. They were respectful, caring and trustworthy. They never stopped investigating and got us the answers we needed. Bill, the private investigator we hired was awesome at his job. I’m telling you, if you need answers Bill is the right man for the job!! The service he provided was very thorough and he left no stone unturned. He gave us an update every day as to how the investigation was going and found my sister’s whereabouts in less than two weeks!! In the end, InfoPro Investigations brought my family the answers we needed and brought us peace of my mind. Thank you, InfoPro!!

-Nasra, 4/20/16-

Thank you for finding my daughter!!

-Mark, 9/3/18-

Bill is absolutely brilliant, reliable and has a “never give up” attitude. I had lost all hope of finding my stolen vehicle. I contacted a lot of private investigators. As Bill himself said it was one of the most complicated cases he has ever dealt with. It was persistence, some very clever PI tactics, hundreds of hours of investigation and a little bit of luck from social media that lead to the police in a different state finally finding my vehicle. Thank you so much for everything Bill!!

-Sam, 3/23/17-

Thank you for your kind help. I will forever be grateful to you for your support through an incredibly horrific experience!!

-Lynn, 11/19/16-

Bill was very quick and efficient with my case and what I thought was going to be a difficult situation, he made the process easy and stress free for me. He kept me updated and resolved my case very quickly.

-Deanna, 5/5/16-

I was in need of help and information I was unable to obtain and the world of the internet brought me to the most wonderful person and his business. I like many others, never thought I would need a private investigator, but the situation that I was in, brought me that direction. IN STEPPED BILL! PLAIN AND SIMPLE, Bill is an outstanding person and truly cares for you and your case. He takes the time to meet in person and goes over all of your options with you and gives you a plan. He sets dates and times and keeps them, and is always keeping you informed (as hard as the truth is) by phone, e-mail or texts. He keeps on his target till he get the information that you need to complete you case. It didn’t matter if it was morning, day, night or the afternoon, he always made sure to keep me informed and went out of his way to make sure to get me the information that we talked about in our plan and the information that I needed. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my case.

-Steve, 4/15/16-

Thank you for everything. You were great to work with. We really appreciate your efforts.

-Mary, 1/24/17-

Bill was so helpful in my investigation. I contacted him via chat on his work site and felt comfortable immediately with him. My initial contact was short notice to when I would be needing his services and he was available and attentive to my needs. Which were by far sketchy to say the least, because I did not have a ton of information to give him. Throughout the investigation, he was in constant contact and helped me think outside of the box to find out more details that would help him. He gave us an estimated budget for the cost of using his services, and adhered to it as best he could. He was easy to talk to and, I feel, gave my investigation everything he had to offer.

-Melanie, 4/7/16-

InfoPro was very easy to work with. My wife was being stalked by her ex with who has since been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder with Narcissistic Traits. Bill provided valuable information that led to my wife having piece of mind. InfoPro is an extremely professional investigative firm.

-Mark, 1/18/16-

The experience was very positive and professional. Conitue to work on the project and hope for desired results. Keeps me informed with progress and very knowledgeable. i would recommend him to others in need of investgative services.

-Jim, 11/17/15-

Private Investigation at its very very best. I highly highly recommend Bill especially in regards to finding and recovering stolen property/vehicles. A+++++

-Joel, 3/23/17-

Very Prompt on a short term notice. Does job very well. Will definitely use you again if the need arises.

-Jerol, 11/13/15-

I used Bill and his service a few times and have spoken to him several. He is a very wise , compassionate person of integrity. I believe he does his best job! In a position like this where you don’t know exactly what or how they are doing it you need to be able to trust its being done right and I believe that of Bill. He makes a lot of sense in what he says , and his work brings a peace of mind! I would highly recommend. It isn’t cheap but reasonable!

-Kelly, 11/18/15-

Bill is easy to do business with. He is discreet and discusses options and prices, allowing flexibility. He is able to find hidden information at reasonable cost and in reasonable time frame. Whatever information or investigation I need done, I always use Bill and will continue to do so. I highly recommend his service.

-Kerry, 11/25/15-

We want to thank you for a very professional job well done. If you need a reference or if I can give you a 5 star review somehow, please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference. Thanks again!

-Diane, 10/23/18-

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