Are you a victim of Catfishing?

Catfish_featurePhoto2Are you a victim of Catfishing? InfoPro Investigations has investigated a number of Catfishing cases in recent months. Frequently the victims were contacted through dating websites by someone using a fake profile. One of our clients lost over $100,000.00 to a thief that used Catfishing techniques.

If you suspect you are being Catfished we can help you to identify who you have been communicating with online. Frequently our clients are not asked for money but have provided sensitive personal information to someone that has misrepresented their identity.

What is catfishing? A brief (and sordid) history.

“Catfishing” is suddenly in the news again, with reports that the University of Virginia gang rape scandal may have been rooted in a romantic scam. At the heart of the scandal, according to documents filed in a lawsuit against Rolling Stone magazine, was a troubled young woman who fell for a guy who failed to return her affections.



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