FAQ: Hiring a Private Investigator?

FAQ-bigThe following questions are frequently asked by individuals hiring a Minnesota Private Investigator for the first time. This list will provide you with a basic understanding of the investigative process and prepare you for your free telephone consultation:

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Infidelity: Taking control of your marriage….

broken-heart-status (1)Frequently our clients feel trapped in an adulterous marriage. They are held hostage by the lies their spouse tells them regardless of the evidence they are confronted with about their affair.

Our clients take control of their marriage by getting

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Client Review: “They never stopped investigating….”

Private Investigator Review St  Paul MinnesotaWhen my family was lost without any answers InfoPro Investigations was there for us. They were respectful, caring and trustworthy. They never stopped investigating and got us the answers we needed.  Nasra B., St. Paul, MN

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We can help you find the Truth!

Keep Calm InfoPro InvestigationsWe can help! Are you concerned about infidelity? Are you involved in a child custody dispute? Do you need a private investigator and don’t know who to trust?

Frequently our clients feel overwhelmed and feel like they have nowhere to

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Online Dating Scams….

online dating scam investigationIn the last 18 months InfoPro Investigations has detected a rising trend of financial scams perpetrated on users of online dating websites. Frequently vulnerable victims are deceived by scammers and are asked for large amounts of money through bank transfer.

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Investigating Identity Theft!

identity theft investigationsIdentity Theft is one of the most devastating and under prosecuted crimes in the United States. Victims of Identity Theft have their personal and financial worlds turned upside down by criminals that are rarely prosecuted or prevented from committing their

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Saving your marriage after an affair….

Marriage after infidelityIs it possible to save your marriage after an affair? Yes, in most cases the spouse that has been betrayed is more willing to try and save their marriage than their adulterous partner. It has been our experience that the

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Women: Workplace Infidelity by the Numbers….

Workplace InfidelityResearch shows that the workplace is one of the most common places where affairs start. The investigators at InfoPro Investigations are experts in detecting and investigating affairs that start in the work place.

We have conducted hundreds of infidelity investigations.

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What our clients have to say….

Private Investigator Review Minneapolis MinnesotaI was in need of help and information I was unable to obtain. I like many others, never thought I would need a private investigator. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my case.  -Steve C., Minneapolis,

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Infidelity by the Numbers!


What do private investigators say about cheating spouses and infidelity? When you suspect infidelity in your relationship it can be difficult to determine whether or not your suspicions are valid and if so, what to do next. A network … Read More


Video: Signs of Infidelity

If you have suspicions of infidelity you may be experiencing some of the signs in this video. InfoPro Investigations has conducted hundreds of Infidelity Investigations. Our experiences confirm that partners that have cheated in the past have a high chance … Read More


Infidelity: We Can Help!!

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Reviews: Finding the Truth with InfoPro Investigations!

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InfoPro Investigations: Minneapolis Private Investigator

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Infidelity: After the investigation….

InfidelityOne of the first questions we ask our infidelity investigation clients is, “Do you love your spouse?” Our investigation and the results we provide often are the first steps for our clients to begin to heal their relationship by knowing

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InfoPro Investigations Client Reviews


InfoPro Investigations is a recommended Minnesota Private Detective Agency you can trust. We have helped many of our clients with the investigations we have conducted. Some of those clients have offered to assist us in helping you. We can

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“InfoPro was so helpful….”

Private Investigator Review St. Paul Minnesota“InfoPro was so helpful. I contacted them via chat on their web site and felt comfortable immediately. My initial contact was on short notice and they were available and attentive to my needs.”

-Melanie D., St. Paul, MN
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What our clients have to say….

Picture“I do want to say thank you so very much for all the hard work you did to help us out! You made what was a very stressful couple of days seem less so by your constant contact and complete

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Why should you Chat Live for a free consultation….

question symbol icon dark blue, isolated on black backgroundYou can speak right now with a Minnesota Private Investigator! We can help! This conversation is live, anonymous and confidential! Frequently clients feel overwhelmed and feel like they have nowhere to turn.

The private investigators at InfoPro Investigations have thousands … Read More


The Truth About Infidelity And Business Travel!


Many Americans travel for business on a monthly basis or more frequently. Business travel can be used as a tool to cover up an affair or the affair may have been the result of frequent travel. InfoPro Investigations has conducted … Read More


Picturejh“InfoPro provided valuable information that led to my wife having peace of mind. InfoPro is an extremely professional investigative firm.”  -Mark T., St. Paul, MN… Read More


What our clients have to say….

Picture“Thank you for these pictures and your hard work. It has made my direction in life MUCH clearer.”  -Jessica G., Minneapolis, MN… Read More


What our clients have to say….

PictureInfoPro dealt quickly and efficiently with an issue that I thought was nearly impossible. They were professional and tactful. I would use their services again if ever necessary.

-Deanna N., Minneapolis, MNRead More


Returned to Jail….

CaptureThe below still photographs were taken from a surveillance videotape obtained by private investigators at InfoPro Investigations a Minnesota Private Detective Agency. The Subject pictured in the top photograph is a known sex offender and the brother-in-law of an InfoPro … Read More


InfidelityInfoPro Investigations has conducted hundreds of Infidelity Investigations. Our experiences confirm the results of this study that found partners that have cheated in the past have a high chance of repeating their behavior.

If your partner has a history of … Read More


Knowledge is Power!

Private Investigator Cliet Review Minneapolis MinnesotaInfoPro Investigations not only got to the bottom of what was the truth but with their depth of  knowledge in the business they were able to share with me different scenarios of what I could expect. -Peggy M., St. Paul, Read More


What our clients have to say….

Private Investigator Client Review St. Paul MinnesotaNot only do they have an exceptional knowledge of the business but they are just great people. They  encouraged me on what needed to be done, helped me see things clearly and were available 24/7.  

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Quick Infidelity Quiz!!

InfidelityQuick Infidelity Quiz: -If your marriage partner exhibits several of these following behaviors, your marriage may be in danger of an affair:
-Avoids eye contact with you.
-Talks continually about the unknowns of the future.
-Shows an increased disinterest in
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Factors That Can Lead to Unfaithfulness!!

broken-heart-status (1)The following are factors that can lead to marital unfaithfulness:


Looking for ego boosts outside your marriage.Men tend to turn to extramarital liaisons to build up their self-image or sexual self-esteem. Women are suspect to affairs to satisfy … Read More


More than just friends?!

CaptureInfoPro Investigations receives many calls each month from clients that believe their spouse is having an “Emotional Affair.” Almost always these types of affairs lead to infidelity and this term is used as an excuse by their spouse to conceal … Read More


Emotional Affairs: More than what they appear….

were-just-friends-no-of-course-i-wont-end-the-friendship-to-save-my-marriage-but-were-just-friends-73952Of course it doesn’t make sense and most “Emotional Affairs” are much more than what they appear. If you have heard this from your spouse Keep Calm and Call InfoPro Investigations!!… Read More


What to do after the affair?!

CaptureOne of the most important questions we ask prior to conducting an Infidelity Investigation is, “What will you do if your spouse is having an affair?” A successful investigation sometimes results in a couple committing to working on their marriage.… Read More


Infidelity by the Numbers!!

CapturegggInfidelity by the Numbers!! Who cheats? What are the signs? Do more men or women cheat? Who would cheat if they wouldn’t get caught? How much does it cost to hire a private investigator to catch them?



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Can you save your marriage after an affair?

camera2InfoPro Investigations has a 95% surveillance success rate for cases involving infidelity. As a result, we have numerous opportunities each month to speak with spouses whose marriages are affected by infidelity.

The question we most often hear is, “Do you

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Are you being stalked or harrassed?

Trust BannerWe frequently receive calls from clients that are being stalked or harrassed. Our clients are usually unable to prove a violation of a Restraining Order due to lack of evidence.

If you are being repeatedly harrassed or stalked call your … Read More


What our clients have to say….

received_721960351274348Thank you for finding our son. We had lunch with him recently. It was day one of being a family again. We thank you for making that happen. -Kelly S., Edina, MN… Read More


Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Signs of a Cheating SpouseWhat do private investigators say are the most common signs of a cheating spouse? When you suspect   infidelity in your relationship it can be difficult to determine whether or not your suspicions are valid and if so, what to do … Read More


Relationship Red Flags?!

Secret Affair LittleExcellent article about red flags to look for when you are dating. A large number of our clients are in a serious relationship or are engaged.

They sense “something isn’t right” about the relationship and can’t determine the reason they … Read More


Is your vehicle being tracked?

high_profileInfoPro Investigations receives calls each month from clients suspecting that their vehicle is being tracked. We are experts in GPS Tracking and have worked with this technology for years. If you suspect you are being tracked legally or illegally we … Read More


Picture“I had an absolutely amazing experience with InfoPro Investigations. I tried everything to get the information I needed by myself and thought that it was hopeless. When I contacted them, they were responsive and understanding. They were able to get … Read More


What our clients have to say….

InfoPro Review Meme #1“InfoPro Investigations helped me during a difficult time in my marriage. They were professional and discreet. The information they provided helped me to move on with my life. I needed to find the truth.”  -Ron M., Minneapolis, MN.… Read More


Is your spouse using Ashley Madison?

Capture333Results of the recent Ashley Madison hack show that  spouses from all around the State of Minnesota are using the infidelity website. The below article details the top Minnesota cities with Ashley Madison users.

If you suspect your spouse is … Read More


Video: Hiring a Private Investigator FAQ


These are questions frequently asked by individuals hiring a Minnesota Private Investigator for the first time. This list will provide you with a basic understanding of the investigative process and prepare you for your free telephone consultation.… Read More


Keep Calm and Hire InfoPro Investigations

Keep Calm InfoPro Investigations Frequently clients contact us overwhelmed with their child custody or infidelity investigation and feel    they have nowhere to turn. Oftentimes they have been trying to conduct an investigation on their own and have called us as a last resort. The

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Rebuilding Trust in the Aftermath of an Affair

CaptureThe carcass of the plane lay strewn across the ground, gnarled sections spread around like a jigsaw puzzle. This scene played through my mind as I thought about the destruction that I had perpetrated upon my own family by my … Read More


Warning Signs of an Affair

baggage-in-the-bedroomElena discovered that her husband wasn’t just shopping on eBay® all those late nights on the computer. Steve just happened to see his wife kissing the kickboxing instructor in the gym’s parking lot.

Most extramarital affairs do not start

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Infidelity: Mending Your Marriage After An Affair


Infidelity causes intense emotional pain, anger, disbelief, fear, guilt, shame. But an affair doesn’t have to mean the end of your marriage. Understand how a marriage can be rebuilt after an affair.

By Mayo Clinic staff

When an affair is … Read More