Detective Services


InfoPro Investigations specializes in surveillance and has been conducting surveillance in Minnesota for over 25 years. We have successfully conducted surveillance for hundreds of cases involving infidelity, child custody, divorce, missing persons, child support, cohabitation and identity theft.

Infidelity Investigation:

The investigators at InfoPro Investigations are experts in detecting and investigating infidelity. We have conducted hundreds of infidelity investigations! If you suspect your partner is seeing someone else we can help! Call for a free consultation today!

Background Checks:

InfoPro Investigations conducts comprehensive background checks that go beyond Internet background checks that waste your time and money! Our experts can help. Real Background Checks. Real Investigators. Real Answers. Say no to Internet background checks!

Child Custody Investigations:

InfoPro Investigations has conducted child custody related investigations since its foundation. Parents involved in these difficult family situations have special investigative circumstances to consider when hiring a private investigator. We can help! Call for a free consultation now!

GPS Tracking:

InfoPro Investigations has tracked individuals with GPS tracking devices for hundreds of hours and utilized the data for investigations. We are GPS Tracking device experts and can provide GPS Trackers for investigations. Call for a free consultation and we can discuss the legal use of GPS Trackers.

Missing Persons Investigations:

Missing person cases can be very emotional for a family whether it is a child, spouse, parent or other family member. We have been reuniting families for 20 years! We would like to help you find your loved one!

See our Client stories here:

Child Support Investigation:

Are you trying to collect back child support? Can’t locate employment information or income sources? We can help! InfoPro Investigations are experts at locating employment information so you can collect the child support owed to you and your children.

Cohabitation Investigation:

InfoPro Investigations has provided evidence of cohabitation to numerous state courts in the U.S. on behalf of their Clients. Proving cohabitation frequently saves our Client’s significant amounts of money over a number of years. If you suspect cohabitation contact us for an investigative plan.

Social Media Investigation:

Have you been victimized through social media or the Internet? Frequently victims are contacted through dating websites by someone using a fake profile. If you suspect you are being scammed we can help you to identify who you have been communicating with online.

Vehicle Recovery:We are one of the few private investigators that can help you recover a lost or stolen vehicle. We will work closely with you to determine an investigative plan to locate your vehicle. We can help you avoid insurance and auto loan losses by finding your vehicle now!


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