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InfoPro Investigations is a Minnesota Private Detective Agency and all communication with us is strictly confidential regardless of whether or not you become our client.  We will provide you with a free confidential consultation by calling (612) 302-8165 in Minnesota and (720) 418-8187 in Colorado.  We will personally assist you and use our 20 years of investigative experience to help you find the truth.


Signs of Infidelity

InfoPro Review Meme #1If you have suspicions of infidelity you may be experiencing some of the following signs:

  • Your partner has increased their time away from home or family.
  • Your partner has changed their intimate behavior.
  • Your partner is working increased hours and is unavailable while working.
  • Your partner turns off their cell phone or does not answer calls.
  • Your partner conceals their cell phone and computer use.
  • Your partner frequently tries to determine your location and schedule.
  • Your partner has increased their spending and is using cash frequently.
  • Your partner is repeatedly calling one number.
  • Your partner purchased an additional cell phone and is concealing it.
  • Your partner restricts access to their cell phone bill.
  • Your partner is deleting emails, texts and phone logs.
  • Your partner has frequent unaccounted for time during their day.
  • Your partner accuses you of infidelity when confronted.
  • Your partner lies regardless of the evidence presented to them.
  • Your partner says they need their space.
  • Your partner has an increased interest in their appearance and clothing.