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InfoPro Investigations is a Minnesota & Wisconsin Private Detective Agency founded by a private investigator that has dedicated his career to investigative excellence. With over 25 years of investigative experience obtained with some of the world’s largest private detective agencies and a Fortune 500 Insurance Company he has used his investigative skills to help people like you. He has helped hundreds of clients in the areas of infidelity, divorce, and child custody.

Signs of Infidelity

If you have suspicions of infidelity you may be experiencing distinct behavior changes by your partner. The investigators at InfoPro Investigations are experts in infidelity detection and investigation.

  • Your partner has increased their time away from home or family.
  • Your partner turns off their cell phone or does not answer calls.
  • Your partner has an increased interest in their appearance and clothing.
  • Your partner is deleting emails, texts and phone logs
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    InfoPro Investigations is a Minnesota and Wisconsin Private Detective Agency committed to investigative excellence and as a result we are available for a free consultation 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year. All communication with InfoPro Investigations is strictly confidential regardless of whether or not you become our client.

    Minnesota Phone: (612) 302-8165

    Wisconsin Phone: (720) 418-8187

    Email: Info@InfoproInvestigations.com