PictureOur client’s helping you….

We have helped many of our clients with the investigations we have conducted. Some of those clients in gratitude for this work have offered in turn to assist us in helping you. The below testimonials, case file and still photographs are from actual investigations conducted in Minnesota and Wisconsin by InfoPro Investigations. These are but a few of the hundreds of cases where we have given our clients the information they need to make difficult personal and professional decisions.

Never in a million years….

“I never in a million years thought I would hire a private investigator. It took many promptings by two of my dearest friends and my counselor to get me to the point of actually calling one. I went to the Internet and InfoPro Investigations was the agency I chose. From the first meeting and throughout the entire process the organization has been fabulous.

 Throughout the surveillance I was contacted by phone regularly with information, information that I really didn’t want to    hear, but it was the truth. InfoPro Investigations not only got to the bottom of what was the truth but with their depth of  knowledge in the business they were able to share with me different scenarios of what I could expect or what was common in  this type of situation. Not only do they have an exceptional knowledge of the business but they are just great people. They  encouraged me on what needed to be done, helped me see things clearly and were available 24/7. I would without hesitation  refer InfoPro Investigations to anyone looking for a private investigator, they are absolutely the best!”     Peggy M.

My direction in life is much clearer….

   “Thank you for these pictures and your hard work. It has made my direction in life MUCH clearer.” 

   Jessica G.


Returned to jail….



These still photographs were taken from a surveillance videotape obtained by private investigators at InfoPro Investigations a Minnesota Private Detective Agency. The Subject pictured in the top photograph is a known sex offender and the brother-in-law of an InfoPro Investigations’ client. InfoPro Investigations was contacted and requested by our client to attempt to document that the subject was in contact with his four year old granddaughter in violation of his conditional release from jail. The bottom image is of the Subject’s four year old granddaughter standing on the front steps of a residence moments after the image of the Subject was obtained. InfoPro Investigations provided the above referenced surveillance videotapes to Minnesota prosecutors and the Subject was returned to jail in violation of his conditional release.


Why call now….

InfoPro Investigations is a Minnesota and Wisconsin Private Detective Agency and all communication with us is strictly confidential regardless of whether or not you become our client. We will provide you with a free confidential consultation by calling (612) 302-8165 in Minnesota and (720) 418-8187 in Colorado. We will personally assist you and use our 25 years of investigative experience to help you find the truth.


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