question symbol icon dark blue, isolated on black backgroundMost of us spend more time each day interacting with people on the Internet than we do in person. Communicating with friends and family instantly across the planet is a normal part of our day.

What if you have never met or spoke with the person you are communicating with on the Internet? Despite years of warnings and advice not to give out personal information to people you don’t know on the Internet it happens everyday.

We speak with clients weekly that have given out personal financial data and other sensitive information only to learn that they have been scammed. Clients are often very concerned and embarrassed to seek help from family and friends. We can help you to determine who you are communicating with and whether a crime has been committed.

Fake LinkedIn profiles used by hackers – BBC News

A growing number of hackers are targeting professionals on LinkedIn, according to security firm Symantec. Its investigation uncovered dozens of fake accounts on the social network, across a variety of industries. Posing as recruiters, the fake accounts allow hackers to map the networks of business professionals and gain the trust of those in them.



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