Are you being stalked or harrassed?

Trust BannerWe frequently receive calls from clients that are being stalked or harrassed. Our clients are usually unable to prove a violation of a Restraining Order due to lack of evidence.

If you are being repeatedly harrassed or stalked call your local police first. InfoPro Investigations can then further attempt to document this activity if it continues. As the below article indicates, the victims are frequently living in fear. We can help.

St. Paul stalking victim struggling with safety, legal system

A St. Paul woman says her ex-boyfriend has turned the last six months of her life into a nightmare, and she sees no end in sight. She blames the ex-boyfriend and the legal system. Lara (last name withheld) told Fox 9 the problems started when she broke up with Jeff Groves, her boyfriend of about a year.


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