More than just friends?!

CaptureInfoPro Investigations receives many calls each month from clients that believe their spouse is having an “Emotional Affair.” Almost always these types of affairs lead to infidelity and this term is used as an excuse by their spouse to conceal other behavior.

If you believe your spouse is having an “Emotional Affair” we almost always recommend that surveillance be conducted. Approximately 90% of the time these types of affairs lead to behavior that is damaging to a marriage. It is almost always more than just friends.




Emotional Affairs: Where Is The Line And When Is It Crossed?

An “emotional affair” is an affair between two people that mimics the closeness and emotional intimacy of an affair while never being physically consummated. I really needed to make sure I put that definition out there before I went any further with this article. Now read the words and phrases within the definition: Powerful words, eh?


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